PreAlgebra FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Pre-Algebra for Elementary 6th graders



Question: How much face-to-face time will my child have with the instructor?
Answer: There is a 2-hour orientation in the fall where your child will meet the instructor and learn how to use the program. There are also two face-to-face exams your child will take, one at semester and one toward the end of the year. All teachers also hold regular online office hours where your child can get assistance after school and in the evening.


Question: How will I know when the orientation meeting is in the fall?
Answer: Your child's assigned teacher will contact you via email about a week after school starts. They will use the email address you provided in the registration process for the class.


Question: Can my child move through the program at his/her own pace?
Answer: Students need to show forward weekly progress in the program. Your child should spend from thirty to forty-five minutes on the program each school day. That said, your child can also work with the program in the eveing and on Saturday and Sunday to fit your child's unique needs. This is where the program is flexible.


Question: Are there assignment deadlines?
Answer: Yes. Teachers will have weekly assignments and homework with deadlines for completion.


Question: What if my child falls behind or is not doing well in the program?
Answer: If your child is falling behind or not completing assignments, you may be contacted about dropping your child from the program. This drop will not be recorded on hour child's transcript, and will not impact your child's Grade Point Average.  If dropped, you child will be placed back into the Math 6 class at the home school. 


Question: Why aren't more students recommended for the program?
Answer: This class is a double promotion. Most students do not take pre-algebra until 8th grade. Students in the class are in the top fifteen percent in math, and if placed correctly, will not need to take Math 6.   Highly qualified teachers trained in ASD iSchool techniques teach the online pre-algebra class, and there is limited space availablity.


Question: Why does my child have to take 6th grade math if he/she is advanced?
Answer: 6th grade math is too important to skip. Skills and concepts taught in 6th grade math will never be taught in pre-algebra or algebra. These are foundational skills for success in later mathematics classes.


Question: What if we don't have a computer?
Answer: ASD iSchool can provide your child with a computer if needed.


Question: Will there be enough practice for my child with new skills and concepts?
Answer: There is a tutorial for each lesson and interactive practice which gives immediate feedback to students.


Question: How does the class work in Canvas?
Answer: Canvas is our Learning Management System. It houses the content in the cloud. 

Your online teacher will go over how to navigate around your class during your face-to-face orientation in the fall.