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Sixth Grade Online Pre-Algebra


PreAlgebra Login :

Username: lastname.firstname Password: student id.  


To submit written assignments (Practice and unit test TST) please visit :

Username: lastname.firstname       Password: Firstname with the first letter capitalized and at least 5 letters in length .  If shorter than five add last name lettters.  

  • Username example larsen.zane 
  • Password example:  Zanel
  • For login problems, please email:



Online Pre-Algebra is an enrichment course for ASD sixth grade elementary students. The course addresses ASD Pre-Algebra standards, which are distinct from sixth grade standards. 


 Who is eligible for the class:

  • Students scoring at or above the 85th percentile on the Spring Math MAP assessment qualify for placement into online Pre-Algebra.  

  • Additional qualification criteria, including other assessments, grades, and teacher recommendations, may be considered when available.

  • 5th grade students who meet  the above criteria will be automatically enrolled into the online Pre-Algebra class to start Fall 2017. Registration and orientation information will be sent home in late August.  


Students enrolled in this Pre-Algebra class will not be enrolled in Math 6 at the home school. 


How and when will students access the class?


  • ASD iSchool online Pre-Algebra teachers will invite students to a class orientation on 8/28 and 8/29 where they will learn the official start date of the class, how to access the class website and how to contact the online teacher.

  • Classes will start 8/30.

  • This course will be delivered in an online format via Apex and taught by a highly qualified ASD math teacher specially trained in online learning. The teacher will have regular contact and communication with parents and students after school and during the evening.

  • There will be regular assignments with definitive due dates. Students should complete course work during structured class time at school. 

  • Students will receive technical support through ASD personnel. All content resides in the cloud and is accessible 24/7 so students can also access the course outside of the regular school day.   Students simply need a computer with Internet access to work in their online class.

  • Computers and modems are available for checkout from ASD iSchool if needed. 


Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about Online Pre-Algebra.


Other questions regarding qualifiying for the class can be emailed to Amanda Barr in the STEM department: