How Long Do I Have to Complete an ASD iSchool Online Class?


During the regular school year, ASD iSchool classes take approximately 16-18 weeks to complete, just like regular classes. Students need to stay on schedule according to the pacing guide in the class. If students are not able to stay on the scheduled pace, they must be in contact with their teacher to alter the due dates. ASD iSchool teachers use the pacing guides to determine progress grades and quarter grades, so it is best to stay on pace. If you are behind the established pace, your grade will reflect it.


During summer term, the pace is about three times as fast as the regular school year. Summer term is six weeks long, so staying on pace is very important in order to complete the course by the end of summer term.


Do ASD iSchool Courses Count for Sports Eligibility?


Yes, ASD iSchool courses are just like face-to-face classes so will count as such for sports and activity eligibility. Most classes are NCAA approved.   Grades from ASD iSchool classes are used in GPA calculations. Grades for classes are posted at the END of the semester in which the course is completed. Please take this into consideration if you are planning on participating in a sport or activity. If you have questions, please contact the ASD iSchool office at ASDiSchool@asdk12.org.