Welcome to ASD iSchool!  In a typical ASD iSchool Class, you will be expected to complete an entire semester’s work in a 16 week period of  time.The estimated amount of time to complete an online class is 40-60 hours. The following recommendations will help ensure your success:


  • login to your class daily.  Labtop and modem checkouts are available through the ASD iSchool office. 
  • use Chrome for all online classes.
  • update Adobe reader to edit pdf files in some classes (free updates at )
  • maintain an accurate email address in your profile
  • notify your instructor of planned vacations or absences
  • review and revisit orientation quiz for help 
  • communicate weekly with your instructor
  • devote several hours a day to work on the class
  • follow the pacing guide as closely as possible to help you finish the class by the end of the term
  • avoid procrastination; no extensions will be granted
  • avoid copying and pasting from the Internet or from other students’ work; refer to our Academic Integrity policy


Contact for any technical problems. The ASDiSchool office staff can be reached at 742-1230 .