Forensic Science I Online (H2560OL)

This online course focuses on various aspects of forensic science and modern criminal investigation analysis. It integrates biology, geology, physics, chemistry, anatomy, medical sciences and critical thinking skills. Topics include structures and functions of the human body, processing a crime scene, physical evidence, questioned documents, serology and pathology. In addition, the course may cover selected topics in toxicology, drug and alcohol abuse, odontology, entomology, forensic art, terrorist and disaster response and emergency medical procedures

Astronomy Online (H2621OL)

This course is designed to build a coherent understanding of the earth-space relationship. Emphasis will be towards the development of astronomical concepts such as planetary motion, structure of galaxies and various theories of the formation of the universe.


Biology (H2232OLS1/H2232OLS2)

Prerequisite: Grade 10–12: none. Grade 9: 3.5 GPA in 8th grade core subjects, Algebra I and teacher recommendation. The basic biology course and prerequisite for all biology electives. This online course will include a study of the chemical basis of life such as the cellular processes of respiration, photosynthesis, diffusion and osmosis. Cell division, DNA and enzyme action will also be covered. The course also includes an extensive treatment of introductory botany, zoology, ecology and genetics.