Lifetime Personal Fitness Online ( H6380OL)

The purpose of this online course is to promote the development and maintenance of personal fitness. It is conceptually based and focuses on healthy living and lifestyle choices, with particular emphasis onthe role of exercise and physical activity including nontraditional and noncompetitive activities. Course content includes fitness assessment, regular physical activity, and fitness concepts and lessons based on the value and benefits of exercise in daily living. In additon to setting and working toward personal goals, students have opportunities to practice postive social skills as they gain an understanding of how a wellness lifestyle affects the quality of life.

Individual Recreational Activities Online (H6666OL)

This online course will offer students a variety of recreational activities in which they can participate on an individual basis and learn skills applicable for a lifetime. Activities may include, but are not limited to, in-line skating, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, frisbee, power walking, ice skating, jogging, orienteering and biking. Safety equipment as well as equipment appropriate for each activity will be required and must be furnished by each student. Repeatable unlimited times.

Health Opportunities Through PE Online (H6110OL)

This online course will challenge students to become educated consumers, learn to manage stress, choose nutritious foods, make healthy lifestyle choices, be an effective member of a team and influence others in their community in a positive way. Students will have the opportunity to experience the many benefits of regular physical activity, proper nutrition, and sound decision-making. Topics covered include wellness, mental health, media literacy/consumer health, fitness components, nutrition, disease prevention, drug awarness, sexuality education, CPR and decision-making skills.

Cooperative Work Experience Online ( H9805OL)

Students may earn a .5 elective credit for every 112.5 hours they are employed at a supervised, approved site. (During the summer term, a student can earn 1.0 credit for 225 hours of work and 1.5 credits for 337.5 hours.) Hours are documented with pay stubs each time the student receives a pay check. Some additional paperwork and assignments are required. This is a great way to earn elective credit in school while you are earning money at work!

World Language Options

We have the following online courses available through Middlebury Interactive Languages with MIL teachers:

French I II, III, AP

Spanish I, II, III, AP

German I, II

Chinese I, II

Latin I, II